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MileSurfer FAQ's

  • What is is a new mobile phone webapp that allows travelers traveling along the US Interstate Highways to find different Services long the highway.
  • Why .mobi?
    The dot mobi standard is compatible with most mobile phones out there, it is not platform specific, so almost any cell phone with internet access can use
  • Is there any cost to me? The traveler user?
    No! There is no cost to the traveler / user of the system.
  • Do I need Internet access on my cell phone to access the application?
    Yes! But for most mobile phone's today this is somewhat of a standard feature. 1.3 Billion Cell Phones used the internet in 2008.
  • Do I have to download the application?
    No! There's nothing to download. Just type in (NO WWW) in your phone's browser to access the application and it is ready to use.
  • Do I need a Smart Phone or an IPhone to use
    No! The MileSurfer application has been designed to be used on almost any platform phone so it can be used on Smart Phones, IPhones or almost any phone with internet access, and 3G is not required.
  • What kind of information can I find on
    You can find information about Fuel Services - Restaurants - Lodgings - Campgrounds / RV Parks - Rest Areas - Food / Fuel Stop - Antique Shops - Shopping - Motorcycle Services - Tow and Repair Services - Truck Stops - Events / Attractions - Other Services ( Other services contains medical, pharmacy, - pet, veterinary )
  • Is the application easy to use?
    Yes! The location interface is based on what is obvious to the traveler. State - Direction - Highway - Mile Marker . The user just selects the State they are traveling in - the direction they are going - the highway they are traveling on - and the mile marker of the highway.
  • What is a Mile Marker?
    A Mile Marker or (Mile Post) is a green sign with white lettering and a number along the right side of the Interstate Highways in the US. They start from a individual States border and is a designator of the locator mile you are on for that highway in that state. They go from South (MM 1) to North - or West (MM 1) to East. Its a very handy location tool to use when identifying places and exits along the highway's.
  • I have a business along an Interstate Highway are your ads really free?
    Yes! If you have a relevant business that is within 3 miles of an Interstate Highway Exit you can just fill out the online ad form and we will upload it into our system as a Basic Ad listing. We welcome your business. We want to be the connection between your business and the highway traveler. ( Please note: some restrictions apply )
  • What type of information will the Basic Ad listing contain?
    The generous Free Basic Ad Listing contains your Business Name - Business Phone Number - Highway Number your business is near - Your Exit and Mile Marker number - Distance and directions from the Exit - Hours of operation - Your Tag line or a short line of info about your business. Its enough information to get travelers to see your business from their cars and have some good information about it.
  • We love the Free Basic Ad listing for our business can we have more details about our business added?
    Yes! You can add your logo for a small service fee or we have a Premium Subscription where you can add much more detail about your business. Please contact us here or call - (904) 425-9883 - for more information.