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Better for interstate Highway Point of Interest information. reaches more phones than most technologies combined! The application is kind to most existing cell phones in use today, approximately 1.3 billion worldwide.

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Here you can find information about our Mobile Highway Guide. MileSurfing is not about the destination but an enhancement to your highway travels. Put the freedom of choice in your hands by MileSurfing your next road journey. Ask your favorite highway stop why they aren’t listed in our guide. Its free!

Cell Phone users can find instructions on how to use with their cell phone.

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Why Dot mobi?

Dot mobi (.mobi) is the top level domain used for mobile phone web based sites that tells the user a site is designed to the standards for mobile phones.
Simply stated, it means that the .mobi site your mobile phone is accessing should be truly mobile phone compatible. - The Coolest Mobile Highway Portal for your mobile phone!

What is is our very powerful Mobile Road Guide for mobile phones.
With a mobile phone and, a road traveler can easily see what points of interest and services are on the Interstate Highway road exits ahead. provides free, easy access to find Restaurants, Lodging, RV/Campgrounds, Fuel Services, Repair Services, Shopping, Tourist Attractions, Rest Areas and more. All in a very easy to use universal mobile phone interface. doesn't replace your GPS but enhances your highway surfing experience.

Works with most cell phones, is a universal web based application designed from the ground up to work on most present and past mobile phone technology with Internet access. Even previous generation non-3G phones on the slower EDGE network.

Meaning, although it will work great with there are no IPhone’s or smart phones required nor do you need a GPS device to access the Interstate Highway road data in the application. We designed this application to be kind to as many phones as possible, therefore benefit as many people as possible.

Until now your cell phone was just one form of communication device. From now on it will be a powerful road traveler information portal that can now be used by the 1.5 billion cell phone users throughout the world today.

Extremely useful and easy to use for the road traveler ...

When a traveler wants to search for road exit information along the interstate highways they will simply type in into their cell phone browser (no www. required) then at the main page input the State - Direction their headed - Highway number and roadside Mile Marker (or mile post) from the road on which they are traveling and press search.
The system will search the data and return with the
next set of road exit services by categories. Just select the desired service category and a list of businesses for that category will display for that exit. Select a business and fresh information about that business will display showing specials, pricing, phone numbers, hours of operations, directions and other useful information about that business. Saving a traveler time and money. It’s that easy!

A traveler can milesurf further ahead and find services they may desire hundreds of miles ahead along their route. Enhancing their trip by providing the freedom of choice from what’s ahead on their journey.

We have even incorporated automatic filters so a traveler can search by service category, company name or fuel type!

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It’s the Coolest Highway Guide yet!

Please obey all traffic laws for the use of cell phones / mobile phones with moving vehicles.
We highly recommend pulling over or passenger assistance when using a cell phone or any device when in a moving vehicle.